Scourt-interpreters6omali court interpreter in high demand 

“My entire life, I’ve worked in the education and humanitarian relief areas,” he said. “I think, what can I do to help my people more?” –Mascuud Xaaji, quoted by the Post Bulletin on January 14, 2015


You provided outstanding assistance and support to the Naval Criminal Investigation Services (NCIS) Field Office, Singapore. You played a critical role in the joint investigation conducted by Maldives Police Service and NCIS. Not only did you provide outstanding translations during the interviews, but your vast knowledge of the Somali language, culture, and geography made you invaluable member of the investigation team. In addition to your outstanding your language capabilities and regional knowledge, you were extremely patient, flexible, and personable. NCIS and the Republic of Maldives’ Government are extremely thankful for your participation and assistance in this investigation. Please, accept my personal appreciation for a job well done.


Mascuud Xaaji has served as a Somali Bilingual Specialist for the Rochester Public Schools. As a Bilingual Specialist he has been called on to interpret /translate for parents, students, teachers, administrators, and support service providers in both classroom and non-classroom settings. Specially he has worker at the High School level during Parent/Teacher conference and as an interpreter for Special Education teachers during IEP testing and evaluations. He has been reliable and dependable worker for District# 535. He will be undoubtedly be an asset to any organization.

Bryon D Bothun    ESOL Bilingual Coordinator   

Mascuud exceed his job description. He was reliable, hardworking, and an asset in every situation. His job was include working in classrooms, working with administrators on students concerns, interpreting for special education meetings and fostering communication between home and school.
Mascuud was able to teach the staff a great deal about the Somali community. I valued being able to consult with him on cultural issues and on correct ways to address student and school issues with parents.

Judy Auger    ESOL Coordinator   

Mascuud has provided exemplary job performance. He can be counted upon to do his best in providing honest and effective communication between the school and the members of Somali community. He sets and achieves high standards of services. He sets the example by which other Bi-Lingual interpreters are compared.

John k. Frederikson.Ed.D    Principal, Mayo High School.   

Mascuud has proven to be IMAA’s most valuable and accurate Somali translator. Beyond his accuracy, Mascuud performs his interpreting and translation duties in a timely, professional manner. Mascuud is dependable and punctual. Mascuud has excellent Somali/English translation skills. All of IMAA’s Somali staff recognize the superior quality of Mascuud’s written translations.

Ponloeu Chim    Manager- Language Services Program.   

For exemplary performance of duties as interpreter and Somali culture expert in support of operations. You consistently display exceptional initiative, dedication and attention to detail in the execution of your duties. Your professionalism and cultural expertise directly contributed CTF-151 mission. You demonstrated keen insight and provided timely cultural guidance, your review and translation of documents recovered provided key information to the task force and assigned law enforcement personnel, you presented informative and critical lectures of Somalia. I have sincerely appreciated your professionalism, hard work and contribution that you have made to my staff.

S.E. SANDERS    Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy. Commander   

Mascuud provided outstanding services as my Somali translator. He is a true professional. When called, no matter the time, he quickly responded to assist the crew, He has proven to be reliable and trustworthy.

B.R. MCLANE    Department of The Navy   

Hello! As another example we had two Somali hearings back to back this morning where all four parties needed an interpreter as a result that lengthened how long the hearings were this morning.

I will say however, Mascuud Xaaji is a fantastic interpreter and I believe had we had someone else it would have been even longer. He should be commended on how well he does and how easy he is to work with. If you can pass that on I would appreciate it. 

Jennifer L. Stanfield                                               
Assistant Carver County Attorney

Jennifer L. Stanfield          Assistant Carver County Attorney   

It’s a high level of proficiency, basically a 14th-grade level at both the source language and the target language. How many people do we know with English that get to the 14th grade? It’s quite intensive, and it’s quite an accomplishment for him to get certified.

Chuck Kjos    Olmsted County Court administrator, is involved in the interpreter scheduling for the entire Third J